Cancer Presumption Bills

The Cancer Presumption Bill Summary:
Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases. Adds cancers of the colon, brain, or testes to the list of cancers that are presumed to be an occupational disease covered by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act when firefighters and certain employees develop the cancer. The measure removes the compensability requirement that the employee who develops cancer had contact with a toxic substance encountered in the line of duty. 

SB1030-Passed: Senate Floor with one opposed (Hanger). 

HB1804-Killed: Sent to Compensation & Retirement subcommittee where Del. Chris Jones abused his power and moved it to a "study" without a vote. Delaying the bill yet another year or two.

SB352-Killed: Sent to Finance Committee and sent to a "study" by Norment, Hanger, Howell, Lucas, Newman, Ruff, Wagner, McDougle, Carrico, Obenshain, Barker, Dunnavant, Stuart, Dance. No study was ever done.

HB1245-Killed: Sent to Compensation & Retirement subcommittee and "laid on the table" by Poindexter, Ingram, Garrett, Rush, Carr, Krizek, James