Legislators Opposed to Cancer Presumption

Del Chris Jones, 76th District Suffolk/Portsmouth

  • Moved HB1804/SB1030 into a study without voting 1/31/19 in subcommittee 
  • 2/1/19: After receiving multiple angry messages about his decision to pass over the bill, Jones was able to bring the bills to the Appropriations Committee and make a substitution which added the 3 new cancers but kept the IARC/burden of proof language intact until a study is over. The bill also has to be completely revoted on. 

Sen. Tommy Norment, District 3, Portsmouth
  • Voted against SB1030 on 1/*** in

Sen. Hanger, District 24, Culpepper area

  • Voted against SB1030 on 1/** on Senate Floor

Organizations Opposed to Cancer Presumption

Newport News Shipbuilders
Virginia Self Insurers Association

Lobbyists fighting against Cancer Presumption
James Head